BPSA Award

The Baden Powell Scout Award is the highest award that a Youth Member in scouting may achieve. It is designed to to broaden a candidate’s interest and knowledge of Rovers and Scouting. The award scheme is based on the aims of Scouting (Physical, Spiritual, Social, Intellectual, Emotional Development) and allows for freedom, friendship, unique challenges and the satisfaction of a job well done. The structure of the award, aims to challenge your personal best and to help you grow as a person, while living up to the scouting ideals.

The Baden Powell Scout Award is not for everyone, in fact in its history, just over 400 rovers have received this honour. If you do not wish to attempt the BPSA, it will not affect your time as a Rover. There are other challenges in Rovers which you may find more exciting or promising.

Over the past 16 months, a team of 6 people comprising of the NRC Adviser, former Rover Scouts and current Rover Scouts have been working on the implementing the findings from the 2011 Rovering Towards 2020 Review. The majority of the findings have already been implemented including the age range change, name change to ‘Rover Scout’ etc. The final and major part of the implementation is the role out of the new Rover Scout Award Scheme for the section.

The new award scheme will allow more Rovers from across Australia to obtain the Baden-Powell Scout Award by making it more accessible. The new award scheme won’t be any less challenging, however, it has been brought up to date and recognises the many ways Rovers participate in the Scout program. Information sessions have been rolled out in many Branches and at National meetings so everyone can get across the new changes.

The new award scheme came into effect from 1 January 2014 with an official launch at WAM ‘19th Australian Rover Moot’ in Perth. The launch included information sessions as part of the onsite activities at WAM.

Like the award schemes of the other sections, the new Rover Scout Award Scheme is made up of two awards – the St George Award and the Baden-Powell Scout Award. A Rover must complete the St George Award to be able to obtain the Baden-Powell Scout Award but does not have to complete both awards.

The St George Award is earned on the completion of four progress badges- Squire Training, Rover Skills, Service and Physical. Once the St George Award has been completed, a Rover can then go on further and obtain their Baden-Powell Scout Award by earning the two project badges – Personal Growth and Community Development.

The completed badge design will be worn on the left sleeve with the St George and the Baden-Powell Scout Award worn on the right sleeve. The Baden Powell Scout Award badge design will keep its current design. The team worked hard to ensure that all Scouting retail outlets would stock the new badges by January 2014. The badges for the current award scheme will stay in stock until 31st December 2015 and after that date the existing award scheme will be completely phased out.

Award Scheme Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet 1 – Rover Scout Award Scheme
Fact Sheet 3 – Rover Scout Link Badge
Fact Sheet 4 – Squire Training Badge
Fact Sheet 5 – Rover Skills Badge
Fact Sheet 6 – Service Badge
Fact Sheet 7 – Physical Badge
Fact Sheet 8 – St George Award
Fact Sheet 9 – Community Development Badge
Fact Sheet 10 – Personal Growth Badge
Fact Sheet 11 – Reporting Requirements
Fact Sheet 12 – Baden-Powell Scout Award
Fact Sheet 13 – BPSA Support Team
Fact Sheet 14 – Approval Process
Fact Sheet 16 – Appeals and Disputes
Fact Sheet 17 – Transition Period
Or Download all fact sheets in one document here
If you wish to contact a member of the BPSA Support team email them at the below email.


Alison Maynard – Hume Region
Angus Boxall – Greater Western Sydney Rovers

Bob Nightingale – South Coast and Tablelands Rovers
David Twist – Greater Western Sydney Rovers
Dylan Hunt – National Team
Greg Pearce – South Coast and Tablelands Rovers
Matt Lee – Greater Western Sydney Rovers
Michelle Bond – Hunter & Coastal Rovers
Pete Favelle – Branch Rover Council
Trev Nickl – Lones Rovers
Wal Waerner – Branch Rover Council
Simone Haider- Sydney North Region
Cecila Jackson – South Metropolitan Region