Branch Ball 2013

On the 27th April 2013, 85 NSW Rovers (and a single lonely Victorian) descended upon Campbelltown Catholic Club to Sail Away on the SS Branch Ball. Far from the gumboots and tents, these Rovers were dressed up to the nines and ready to celebrate another year of Rovering in style. After a delicious 3 course meal, a word from our commissioner and the awarding of the prestigious BOAGIES (Bloody Outstanding Awards Given In Effort and Service) everyone let their hair down and danced the night away. Come midnight clearing the room out was hard as the ball came to a close.
This event is one of my favourites and seeing my theme and ideas come together into an excellent night was an amazing feeling. I, as an organiser, had heaps of fun as well. I got to know so many Rovers through promoting this ball and I’d encourage anyone to have a go. This was a pretty easy event to run and the outcome was amazing. Branch Ball is such a unique event within our calendar and I hope it continues to grow.

Madeline Kayess Captain of the SS Branch Ball 2013


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