About the Branch Rover Council

What is the BRC?

The BRC, or Branch Rover Council, is a committee which represents the interests and makes decisions on behalf of all New South Wales Rovers.

The BRC is made up of 2 delegates from each Region Rover Council in the State, as well as the NSW Lones Rover Crew, as well as each Region’s commissioners, the NSW Branch Rover Commissioner, and their Assistant. We also have multiple advisers to the council, who are endorsed every year at the Branch ARP.

BRC approves Branch awards, co-ordinates training, liaises with other Branch Rover Councils and National Rover Council (NRC), develops polices and initiatives and encourages the further development of Rovering in NSW. The BRC also sits on, enacts decisions and recommendations of, the National Rover Council (NRC).

When do the BRC Meet?

The BRC meets 6 times a year, on dates set at the September meeting every year.

Locations of the meetings do change, depending on activities and other occurences over the year.

The dates and locations for 2016 are as follows:

Meeting 1: 16th April, Heathcote Training Centre
Meeting 2: 28th May,  NSW State Office, Sydney Olympic Park
Meeting 3: 30th July, NSW State Office, Sydney Olympic Park
Meeting 4: 10th September, Pennant Hills Scout Camp
Meeting 5: 26th November, NSW State Office, Sydney Olympic Park
Meeting dates and times will be confirmed 28 (Twenty Eight) days prior to a meeting.
BRC Executive
Every year we elect a group of BRC Executive members to organise, facilitate and ensure the delivery of the NSW Rovers program.
These people are elected in November, and take their roles at the April ARP and Conference.
For more information on this year’s executive click Here