Election of BRC Executive


State Rover Council Executive elections occur at the November council meeting every year for the incoming executive who take their positions at the following April Conference.

Every position is open for nominations, and all invested Rovers are eligible to run, some positions require the Rover to be Knighted (Fully Invested)

The Process

As per the Constitution this is the process for nominations for election to the NSW State Rover Council Executive.

6.3.4. Nominations for election to the Executive Committee must be:
a) in writing;
b) endorsed by the Chair of the Rover’s Region Rover Council or Crew Leader of the NSW Lone Rover Crew, and at least one other Rover from the nominees Region or NSW Lone Rover Crew and endorsed as accepted by the nominee; and
c) delivered to the Executive Committee at least fourteen (14) days before the commencement of the meeting at which the election is taking place, or such other time as specified by the Executive Committee.

To apply for a role on the SRC Executive, simply fill in the nomination form below, entering your details, the details of the position and relevant information about yourself addressing the criteria of the role.

Send the completed form to the SRC Secretary on prior to the closing date.

All nominations will be sent out with the Agenda prior to the meeting.

Nomination Form

On the Day

On the day of the elections, each nominee will have a chance to address the Council, and be asked any questions that the council deems appropriate.

The Chair will then ask all nominees to leave the room, and voting will occur via secret preferential ballot.

The nominee with the highest number of votes will be elected for a position.

For a full position descriptions of Executive positions, please click on the following links.

Chairperson (State Commissioner Rovers)




Communications Officer

Service Officer

Training Officer

Recruitment and Retention Officer

Activities Officer

NRC Delegate

Programming Officer