BRC Executive

Our NSWRC Executive keep the Council running smoothly, and are in charge of a particular element of Rovering in the state.  They are also in charge of interpreting the requests of the council, and turning them into actions.

The Executive are elected at the November NSWRC meeting then begin their term at the NSWRC ARP in April the following year.

The 2018-2019 NSWRC Executive is:

Chairman/State Commissioner Rovers – Harry Lantry

Vice Chairman – Natalie Castle

Secretary – Jonathan Le Mesurier

Treasurer – Jay Edwards

Recruitment & Retention – Mitchell Monti

Training – Rachael Ewings

Service – Christi Forster

Activities – Ray Landel

NRC Delegate – Rachael Fulton

Communications – Chris Ward

Program – Emma-Mai Bentley

State Adviser to Rovers – Peter Favelle