Hike For Hunger

Service is a crucial part of the Rover Program. Each year every Rover in NSW takes part in the annual Branch Rover Project, Hike for Hunger.

The aim of Hike for Hunger is to collect as many cans as possible to help the Wesley Mission feed as many of Sydney’s needy people as possible. The cans collected by the Rovers each year currently cover Wesley Mission’s food requirements for anywhere from 3 to 6 months. We then met at a location in the city and carry the food to the Wesley Mission offices where it is sorted and stored.

Unfortunately, as with many things, demand continues to outstrip supply. Each year we have managed to increase the amount of food that is donated to Wesley Mission, however we can never seem to make it stretch any further than the previous year.

Of course Rovers love a challenge. In 2002 the BRC Introduced the annual H4H competition to encourage Region participation. The Region that collects the most cans per capita wins the trophy. In 2006 Wesley Mission donated a new shield for the competition as thanks for all the cans we have collected to date.

If you are interested in donating cans to the Hike for Hunger, or you would like more information, please contact the BRC Service Co-Ordinator.

Scouts NSW Public Liability Certificate General 2013/2014

Below is the total of our collections to date:

Year Cans Collected Total Collected to Date Champion Region
2013  6,000  90211  Sydney North
2012  13,000  84211  South Met
2011  12,000  71211  Sydney North
2010 4500 59211  Sydney North
2009 11651 54711  Sydney North
2008 4560 43,060 Sydney North
2007 5000 38,500 Sydney North
2006 5,500 33,500 South Metropolitan
2005 10,000 29,000 South Metropolitan
2004 7,500 19,000 South Metropolitan
2003 6,500 11,500 South Metropolitan
2002 5,000 5,000 Greater Western Sydney