History and Legends


The motto of the Rover Section is “Service”. Rovers are all about giving service both within Scouting and to the general Community.

Service to Scouting can take many forms and usually involves helping out with the younger Sections or on specialist activities such as Canoeing, Canyoning, Flying Foxes or Caving. In fact it is normal for parents and kids from the younger sections to turn up at an event and hear that the Rovers are helping out in myriad roles, such as running activities or providing security or feeding the masses. A lot of Rovers are also leaders in the younger sections.

Service to the Community is just as important to the Rovers and can involve anything from helping at a local community event to collecting money for Charity to helping an elderly couple carry out crucial work to their property. At a state level, notable Service Activities for the public include Hike for Hunger – a Can Collection Drive – and the Lord Mayor’s Picnic for disadvantaged kids.

St George

St George is the Patron Saint of Scouting. The Rover section strives to follow the example that the legends of St George offer us of being compassionate, showing courage, not being afraid to face your fears and putting other people first.

The Rovers celebrate St Georges Day with a traditional Church Service or Scout’s Own on the 23rd of April each year. All members of Scouting and the General Public are welcome to attend.

The Knights of the Round Table

There are two types of crews in NSW. “Traditional” Rover Crews are based around the legend of the Knights of the Round Table and this is reflected in their ceremonies and crew structures. “Non-Traditional” or “Design for Tomorrow” Crews do not recognise the legend of the Knights of the Round Table but still practice many of the basic principles under different names and structures.

When a new member joins a “Traditional” Rover Crew, they are invested into the crew as a “Squire”. After competing a set of tasks known as “Squire Training”, they are then invested into the Rover Crew as a “Rover Knight”. Squire Training Requirements are standard scouting skills that a Rover will use in day to day situations. When a Squire is Knighted, it is usually in a private ceremony with only other Knights present. The ceremony itself is designed to be a key moment in a Rover’s Career and reflects Scouting Values.