NSW Rovers

NSW Rovers

NSW Rovers is about offering endless opportunities to all its members. We take great pride in being able to offer the Rover Section and are continuously refining existing ideas as well as creating some new and exciting concepts for all of our members.

Scouting in NSW is divided into 10 areas or “Regions”. Every Region has at least one Rover Crew with some regions operating a modified program due to living in Rural or Country areas. For people who live nowhere near a Rover Crew, NSW Lones offers the chance to still experience the opportunities that we have.

Many regions operate a Region Rover Council (RRC) which is a meeting of all the crews in the area to discuss what each crew has been up to, share ideas and deal with local issues affecting the Rover Section. The RRC is responsible for everything that happens within the Region, as well as passing information between the Crews and the Branch Rover Council (BRC).

The Branch Rover Council is made up of all 10 Regions plus NSW Lones. It also has an elected executive that is appointed for one year. The BRC is responsible for delivering the Rover Program at a state level within NSW. It organises several events and initiatives that allow Rovers to get out there and have fun. It also handles the administrative side of Rovers and works closely with the NSW State Office to ensure that all Rovers can take part at every opportunity.

The BRC also has a number of sub-committees that deliver different opportunities. With the 17th Australian Rover Moot (Better known as “AussieMoot” – a Moot is a large camp or gathering) held in January 2008 at Cataract Scout Park, we had groups of people working on the Moot itself, The Moot Bar and The Contingent from NSW who attended.

A number of new initiatives are in the pipeline for NSW and will be revealed at Branch Rover Council Meetings. We also encourage any Rover who has a great idea to tell the world and share around the endless opportunities of NSW Rovers.