Snow Moot Report 2013

On Friday the 19th July 55 excited Rovers boarded the bus for a White Christmas Snow moot, the cheapest snow moot run in over 5 years. After an 8hr bus trip on the double decker we finally arrived in Jindabyne, collected our gear hire and went to the Scout Alpine Centre.

Throughout the night Santas helpers were hard at work making sure a Christmas tree and other decorations were festively placed and in the morning rovers received Christmas cards containing lift passes. Snow started falling on the way up to Perisher slopes, and continued falling heavily throughout the day. Everyone enjoyed a full day of skiing, snow boarding and snow man making with no injuries and everyone returned back to the bus on time except one. After an hour authorities were notified, however soon after he returned from been held up by a shuttle bus in a traffic jam – the best possible outcome!

That night dinner was enjoyed at Lake Jindabyne hotel followed by the option of giving into the calling of a warm comfy bed, or staying out till the early hours of the morning. Upon sunrise (yes, we were up that early to cook breaky) it was revealed that it snowed in Jindabyne overnight, meaning outside was covered with a beautiful layer of white snow.

After packing the bus we left for our final day at Perisher. Many adventure were had with multiple stories of exportations leading to waist deep snow, falling off chair lifts, impressive stacks, impressive recoveries and technique perfection worth boasting about. Then after a few last minute snow angels we boarded the bus to start our journey home.