Stan Bales Award

The Stan Bales Rover Service Award is an award that may be made by the Rover Section to recognise a person who has given exceptional and sustained service to the Rover Section.

The award will normally be presented as a part of the NSW Rover Council Annual General Meeting. The person nominated for the Award does not need to be a member of the Rover section. They do not even need to be a member of the Scout Association. The only important thing is that they have given a great service to the Rover Section. This service may have been at a Crew, Regional or Branch level.

The nomination for a Stan Bales Award is made in secret. Recipients of the award only find out if and when they receive it.

The Stan Bales Award Guidlines and NSW Stan Bales Service Award Nomination Form are available here.


1991 Therese Gallagher

Andy Rosen

Nick Buchner

John “Spud” Murphy

1994 Desmond Henry
Stan Bales
1996 Ron Pound
1997 Peter Oliver
2001 Andrew Graham

David Slattery

Wal Scott-Smith

2002 Warwick Bateman

David Antrim

2003 Jeff Hook

Jim Munro

2004 Ron Critcher
2005 Charles MacKenzie

Ian Russell

2006 John Williams

Mark Absalom

2007 Leah Bach
2008 David Ravell

John Kane

Trevor Nickl

2009 Bob Baker
Levi Boes
2010 Jenny Wardell

Nick Wolf

Greg Pearce

2011 Andrew Clark

Andrew Davis

Kent Palmer

Michael Weatherly

Jeffrey Rose

Robert Shreeve

2012 Pete Favelle

Matthew Lee

Matthew Riley

Alex Motyka

Simon Blatchford

2013 Warren Goodall
Bob Nightingale
2014 Alison Maynard

Amy Campbell

2015 David Twist
2016 Adam Butler
Luke Pullan
Mitchell Rath
Jamie-Leigh Ride
2017 Hugh Mooney
Clair Udy
Walter Waerner
Robert Zamora