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Ski Moot 2018

Earlier in the year, 15 Rovers and one Rover Advisor from NSW skied off to the Bogong Rover Chalet in northern Victoria. This video is just a snapshot of all the adventures they had during the 8 day Ski Moot in July! The Chalet is an amazing historical place and a great asset that any Rover and ex-Rover can head along to! For more information about how you can join in the fun visit the website https://bogongroverchalet.org.au/. https://youtu.be/_XFG4NDsJAs Video credit: Linda Mitchell, Sydney North Region, Chalet Rep for NSW

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Congratulations Emma-Mai Bentley on receiving a #RoverRecognitionAward! Emma-Mai Bentley is an enthusiastic and dedicated Rover, who has gone above and beyond in all facets of her time in Rovers. Emma has mentored and guided several Rovers from across the state and was a key member of the Wagga Wagga Rover Crew for a number of years, growing the Crew through recruitment of young leaders and the improvement of relationships with the groups in Wagga Wagga. As well as serving as Crew Leader and as a member of the Regional Rover Council. Emma’s contribution to Rovering has been continued at a state level with her role on the State Rover Council as the Executive Officer (Program), a role that Emma has made her own. Through her time in this role Emma has increased the knowledge of the Rover section as a whole with regard to maintaining a strong and diverse program of events at a State Level, working with the Activities Officer and other members of the executive to ensure that the program aspect of these events is up to a high standard. Emma has also served as the Chairman of the NSW Rover Centenary Subcommittee, where she liaised with the National Rover Council Centenary of Rovers Subcommittee. She planned and organised a number of Centenary-specific events and worked with a team that spans across the state to promote the Centenary. Emma never sticks her hand up for recognition, working in the background to greatly improve the calibre of Rovering in NSW.

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Congratulations Natalie Castellanos on receiving a #RoverRecognitionAward As a senior member of Kings Langley Rover crew level Natalie has taken on more responsibility in the organising of the crew, and the mentoring of younger rovers. She is always enthusiastic and willing to offer help, support, and advice when asked to do so. Natalie has been invaluable in growing and maintaining the crew’s numbers. In 2017 Natalie took on the responsibility of Greater western Sydney region council chairperson, she brought dedication and enthusiasm to the role. GWS has benefited greatly from this. Natalie has also been elected to the role of vice-chairperson for NSW BRC and dedicated much of her time to the role. She represented under 26 members of scouts on the National operations committee meeting.

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Congratulations Jai Paegle on receiving a #RoverRecognitionAward When Jai first joined rovers he very much followed the crowd and kept his head down, however as Jai has become a senior member of the rover crew he has become much more active in the scouting world. He excels at promotion of events and during Olympic and Tradie moot basically ran them single handed organising the team in such a way to make sure both events were well received from all that attended. In addition, these have been the largest moots ever run by the SCAT rovers.

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Rover Recognition Nomination 2019

We want to celebrate all the recipients of #RoverRecognitionAwards this year. Over the next few weeks you’ll see all the citations for why these Rovers were recognised with this award. Consider who you might nominate next year – nominations are already open! https://nsw.rovers.com.au/awards/rover-recognition-award/rra-nomination/ #Rovers100

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