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Hi All! Just a quick reminder that nominations for Scout of the Year close tonight!

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Wally Scott-Smith, Chief Attendant of the Martin Place Cenotaph for 78 years and former Rover Scout Leader, Crew Leader and Commissioner passed away over the weekend. Wal held several appointments in Scouting including within the Rover section, being honoured with a Stan Bales Rover Service Award in 1991 and several other decorations over his 75 years of service to Scouting. Wal’s greatest service to the community was his unwavering commitment to the Sydney Cenotaph something Rovers of NSW assisted with for serval decades until the early 2000’s. Thank you for your service, Wally Scott-Smith. Rest in Peace. https://www.facebook.com/149167581133/posts/10156594707696134?s=546246679&sfns=mo

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UN Youth Australia

Want to be the next Australian Youth Representative to the UN? You have until 11:59pm AWST on August 11 to apply for this dream position. ⁣ APPLICATIONS HAVE BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL AUGUST 18! Head to unyouth.org.au/youthrep to apply or for more information

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Are you going to Groovin’ The Moot this weekend? Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our Pawesome team – The Paw Patrol! This is a group of people who are here to help you if you’re not feeling so good mentally. They have some great ways to look after your wellbeing and keep you happy. You can find these fantastic beas… people by going to the green army tent. It’s the perfect chill out space for you! They are also easy to spot by looking out for their pink vests. The Paw Patrol members you will see this moot, will be the delightful Harry Lantry, gorgeous Grace Mitchell, marvelous Hugh Crawford, wonderful Henry Wong and the sublime Tom Keane. Don’t hesitate to chat to them if you’re feeling down, need to chill out or just want a friend to talk to. They’re here to help so give them a shout!

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A very hearty BRAVO to the recipients of the 2019 Rover Recognition Awards! Amber Bolton-GWS Benjamin Kuzma – GWS Courtney Turner – SN Emma Krupinski- SM Gabrielle Fulton- GWS Henry Wong- SM Hugh Percival-SN Ian Thomas- GWS Jay Edwards- SM Lyndsay Schelle – SC&T Melanie Dimmock – GWS Monica Gonzales-SN Naomi Butler- SN Rachael Fulton- GWS Skye Veech- TGW Tenayah Bates-NW Timothy Gray- GWS All very well deserved!

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