NSW Rovers Moot

Dirt & Dust Challenge

NSW State Moot 2018 100 years of Rovering & NSW revival of motorsport.

Brought to you by committee members that have run some of the biggest moots in the last 5 years such as 90’s Kid Moot, Maximum Security Moot and the annual SCAT Moot’s.

Date; 28/9/18-1/10/18
Location; 5308 Putty Rd, Colo Heights
REGISTRATIONS: http://registrations.dirtndustchallenge.com/

Moot Costs; Presale Fully Catered – $80 (Saturday Breakfast – Monday Lunch)
Presale Partially Catered – $55 (Saturday and Sunday Diner)
At the gate Partially catered – $65 (Saturday and Sunday Diner)

Bank details for Moot: Name of account – NSW BRC Special Activities BSB – 032 188 Acc -180838 Reference – DnD then your individual registration number & surname. If your surname doesn’t fit, write as much as you can. Eg: DnD 001 Rath (Optional) Motorsport Costs;

A motorsport event entry ticket $40 including 2 day membership to Thornleigh Car Club) Bank details for Motorsport: Name of Account – Thornleigh Car Club Inc. BSB – 112 879 Acc – 039595030 Reference – DnD then your individual registration number & surname Eg – DnD 001 Rath You will also need A CAMS license $80 (valid for 1 year, apply minimum 3 weeks before the event) https://www.cams.com.au/get-involved/competitors/getting-started

All motorsport details and vehicle entry conditions will be outlined soon, we will be setting up a website to include all of that information and make everything accessible in one simple location. A committee of skilled Rovers and Ex rover helpers across the State are running Branch Moot this year. So get set for a massive weekend that you’ll be sure to be talking about all the way to your Booting or maybe even another 100 years down the track. The weekend will have a massive amount of activities. Round robin activities in the mornings, afternoon and night time motorsport, iron gut, jelly wrestling, some sort of water play, chill out movies and video games area, the NRL grand final, a VOC tent so packed that it will put 90’s kid moot to shame, with DJs and bands pumping all night, be sure to bring ear plugs as there are no noise limitations out there. If you have a suggestion for an activity you would like to see happen at Moot please send an email to the Moot Chief. The committee is currently still looking for more Rovers to jump onboard and help fill some of the roles and assist with activities, catering and in general sites and services. If you are wishing to join the committee please contact our Moot Chief Graham on graham.paul.madden@hotmail.com