Snowlympics 2018

Come along and watch the NSW Rovers go for the gold at NSW Rovers Snow Camp! The event is divided into three main events; skiing, snow boarding and snow bunnying. 

Come along and take on the mountains on skis and boards, or snow bunny it up with snow angels building amazing snowmen and hitting the hills on toboggans!
- Dates are 22nd-24th June 
- Accomidation will be at the Scout Alpine Lodge in Jindabyne
- We will be playing on the snow fields of Perisher 
- Optional extras include gear hire, lift passes and merchandise, prices and information on these will be made available as we get them!

This event is open to all current Rovers! We have a limit on numbers this year, so it’s first in first served. Out of state rovers will be offered positions from a later date, and non/ex rovers will be able to apply at another date. 

The dates are as follows:
April 9th – Registration opens for Rovers
May 18th – Non-Rovers and Ex-Rovers can apply 
June 1st – All Registration closes. 
June 11th – Full payment is due

If any Non-Rovers or Ex-Rovers apply before the date that applications open for them they will not be provided a spot until Non-Rover/Ex-Rover applications open. Spaces go to current Rovers first. 
Registrations require a $50 deposit, your application will not be accepted until this deposit is given. 

Final Pricing and payment information is TBC 

Check out the Facebook Event for more information!