NSW Rovers Snow Camp

The Victorian Rovers own a chalet in the Bogong National Park which is available to groups all year round. During the winter season, participants will cross country ski into the chalet from Falls Creek on Saturday and spend 6 days based at the chalet participating in day trips and bonding opportunities with rovers from NSW and other states. Then participants ski out in the dark the following Saturday. Week 4 is the ski moot week and is only open to current rovers. NSW has recently opted to go in week 5, which allows ex-rovers to attend as well. Week 5 dates will vary depending on the year, but in 2020 the dates are as follows: – Convoy to drive down Friday 24th July 2020 – Ski into chalet Saturday 25th July 2020 – Ski out and drive home Saturday 1st August 2020 The chalet accommodates 35 participants per week and this is not an event to be missed.