World Scout Moot

Contingent Leader: Sorrel Fuller


What is a World Scout Moot?

The World Scout Moot is a large event which brings young adults in Scouting together to develop international awareness and citizenship. Participants aged 18-26 have countless opportunities for: cross-cultural education, discussion, physical activity, spiritual engagement and personal development.
Those over 26 can still be involved as volunteers in the International Service Team.

Considering more travel around Moot? Why not join the Australian Contingent Tours for an awesome adventure with new Australian Scouting friends before and/or after the Moot. 

What does a Moot look like?

See for yourself!

The last World Scout Moot was held in Iceland in 2017. The Australian contingent consisted of almost 500 Rovers and 20 IST volunteers. Try spotting us in this highlight reel from the closing ceremony – our Contingent shirts are a dead giveaway!